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Project Description

This tool can get the “expanded” security group membership on all “Areas” for all team projects in a given collection.

This can be handy when you want to troubleshoot an orphan user issue in TFS. So an orphan user would be a user that has been removed from all server\project level security groups in TFS but still end up showing as a member of the Project Collection Valid Users group. One of the reasons why this could happen is because the user has a direct permission assigned to it in some Area in some Team Project in the collection. This is where this small tool can help you. It goes through each team project in a TPC, and for each Team Project it iterates through each defined Area and then it dumps out the security group membership for each area.

Needs to be run on the TFS 2010 App Tier machine (because it has dependency on a TFS server side assembly)

GetAreas.exe “Collection Uri”

GetAreas.exe “http://server:8080/tfs/DefaultCollection”
GetAreas.exe http://server:8080/tfs/DefaultCollection > Dump.txt

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